Discover the incredible Aqueduct of Segovia

5th Jan 2023 by

Join me at the Aqueduct of Segovia  – an incredible monument to Roman ingenuity, planning and sheer manpower. I’ll show you how they succeeded in routing water from the Rio Frio, some 11 miles all the way to the walled city of Segovia.

Here’s what The Ultimate Travelist said:

“That such a stunning monument to Roman grandeur has survived in the heart of a modern city is a miracle. Totally incongruous, Segovia’s aqueduct rises from the streetscape like an Escher-esque mirage, repeating on and on ad infinitum. Erected here by the Romans in the first century AD, its 163 arches and neck-craning high point 28m above town will bowl you over. For a different perspective, climb the stairs next to the aqueduct from behind the tourist office.”

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