Running to Butrint National Park (a day out in Albania!)

2nd Mar 2023 by

Join me in Albania as I run from Sarande to Butrint National Park!

Butrint is Albania’s most-visited cultural tourist destination, dating back to 8th century BC. The old city and its heritage retain a unique testimony of Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, and Ottoman cultures and civilisations.

It is sited in a wetland area of international importance homing diverse flora and fauna that includes 800 kinds of plants, of which 16 are endangered and 12 as rare. 246 species of birds. 105 species of fish and 39 species of mammals.

Here’s what The Ultimate Travelist said:

“Ancient Greeks and Romans both left their mark on Butrint, a fortified trading city and subsequent Byzantine ecclesiastical centre that is now an atmospheric ruins complex at the heart of a tiny national park. The remains of an acropolis, a 3rd-century BC theatre (secluded in the forest) and mosaicked public baths are just some of the crumbling gems to blow the dust off here. Pretty Lake Butrinti is a tranquil backdrop.”

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