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Off-piste spring skiing – A powder day in Bansko

Bansko, Bulgaria has some epic off-piste skiing. Join me on this run through 'The Meadow' on a wonderful day for spring powder skiing.

Big Buddha on foot – Hiking in Phuket, Thailand

The Big Buddha towers over Phuket, Thailand. It's a mecca for Buddhists and tourists alike and provides a stiff test for anyone that wants to visit it on foot.

Running to Butrint National Park (a day out in Albania!)

Join me in Albania as I run from Sarande to Butrint National Park!

Searching for Jaguars in Brazil’s tropical wetlands (The Pantanal)

Welcome to the Pantanal - a 200,000 sq km tropical wetland in Brazil. It has the world’s most flourishing population of jaguars - but would I see one?

Iguazu Falls – Brazil or Argentina? – Which is BETTER?

These are the Iguazu Falls in South America. These monstrous waterfalls can be seen from two countries - Brazil and Argentina - but which side is better. Join me on this two-day adventure and we'll find out!

How I terrified my mother in Salvador, Brazil

Welcome to the city of Salvador in Brazil as we explore the Pelourinho district. I'll tell you why I'm wearing this wristband, why there's a poster of Michael Jackson here and I'll tell you all about something that terrified my Mum!

Hiking to Vihren Peak from Bansko – In a DAY!

I wanted to find out if I could hike from Bansko Old Town to the highest peak in the Pirin Mountains - Vihren - in a single day. Join me on this epic journey up Bulgaria's 2nd highest mountain.

Visiting Christ the Redeemer whilst (STILL) drunk!

Join us on our mission to ride the Trem de Corcovado up to Christ the Redeemer.

Journey of the humble flip-flop (jandal/thong)

How many of you have lost or broken your flip-flops whilst travelling? Everyone, right? Well, this is the story of my faithful feelgoodz who stayed with me for over a year!

Hiking Mount Maroma in new trainers – How high is the summit?

Join me on a hike to the summit of Mount Maroma from Area Recreativa El Alcázar. We'll meet some wildlife, enjoy the views and I'll show you my battery of methods to tell the altitude.

Alhambra – Why you need a tour guide

Alhambra is absolutely monstrous but there are other reasons why you'll need a tour guide - or at least an audio guide.

Real Alcazar – Tips and tricks to make the most of your visit

Join me at Real Alcazar where I give you all the tips to avoid the queues, get access to the Royal Bedroom and absolutely no help whatsoever in avoiding getting lost in the Labyrinth Maze.

Bulgaria’s Best Skiing – A day on the slopes in Bansko!

Bansko has some of the most underrated skiing in Europe. Join us on the slopes as we enjoy the fun park and piste and even try to grab a beer.

Discover the incredible Aqueduct of Segovia

Join me at the Aqueduct of Segovia - an incredible monument to Roman ingenuity, planning and sheer manpower.

Top Tips to enjoy Mezquita!

Join me at Mezquita - an incredible mosque/cathedral in southern Spain. I'll take you inside and give you my top tips to get the most out of a visit to Cordoba’s masterpiece.

Hiking the Elsay Lake Trail – A bridge too far?

How had it come to this? Standing on the bank of a raging, rain-swollen river and the only route to the other side and the path home was via a fallen log. A log which was no wider than your average telegraph pole and was suitably slippy due to the incessant rain. We took a collective intake of breath as the first person of our group inched onto the 20m walkway to safety.

Hiking Deer Mountain – Alaska

Deer Mountain, at 915m, towers over Ketchikan, Alaska. It is screaming out to be climbed, with the trailhead being walkable from the town.

Fingal’s Cave – Falling in love with Puffins on Staffa Island

I was sat in one of the outside seats on a small boat heading towards Fingal’s Cave on Staffa Island, sea air flowing over my bald head, eyes fixed firmly overboard, scanning the speeding sea. The waterways of the Inner Hebrides are inhabited by whales and dolphins, and if they were here, I was determined to see them.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves adventure

It was a frigidly cold New Zealand winters morning. We’d left the eerily mist-covered Lake Taupo pre-dawn and were now whistling our way 200 miles north. Colm, my travel-buddy was asleep in the double-bed above my head and I was humming ‘The Fields of Athenry' whilst driving our RV in the direction of the Waitomo Caves.

An absolute mission to visit the Jesuit missions of La Santisima Trinidad de Parana and Jesus de Tavarangue

Tomorrow I will visit the Jesuit Missions of Trinidad and Jesus in southern Paraguay and I am unsure of what to expect. I knew that undertaking this challenge would take me to some places that I wouldn’t ordinarily be interested in, this seems to be the case here.